With the market environment changing rapidly in the last few years, the function of advertising agencies has been brought into question once more.

The marketing strategies that have been utilized to motivate consumers have also been found to be advancing in complex ways, influenced by changes in European population structure, political and economic situations, consumer lifestyles and corporate management. We are highly informed that a number of corporations are in the process of pursuing techniques to make ideal responses to these changes.

Our main goal is to use the knowledge obtained through our company operations to support your business through exploring and evaluating the perceptions and changes among consumers, as well as recommending strategies that take the future into account. Focusing on the different methods of contact between consumers and corporations, we begin our preparation. We draw on our capabilities to precisely comprehend up-to-date developments and to thoroughly consider the aspects at hand, modifying them to reach a positive conclusion. As a result, we are able to recommend optimal, highly innovative marketing solutions that cause positive business outcomes.

Driven by this communal aspiration, all Budget Media Agency employees are willing to subsidize their skills to the business or businesses you wish to further develop in areas such as communication and marketing solution creation.

As we are a renowned marketing solutions company, ready to work in close cooperation with our business partners, we pride ourselves in solving challenges, examining potential solutions, and celebrating success together. We look forward to devoting our dynamisms to becoming a highly valued partner in the various processes of the development of your business.

Information security management

In Budget Media Agency's communication activities, we recognize the importance of the privacy of the information received from our clients, business associates, and consumers. We believe it is fundamental to conduct proper information security management protocols. As a result of our devotion of the implementation and application of a sound information management system, won the October 2005 certification for Information Security Management ISO 27001.

Our strategy is to further improve this effort in all of our day-to-day business activities.

Certification of ISO 27001 ISO/IEC 27001:2005/

Corporate Data

Company Name Budget Media Agency

Representative Patrick S. Lauchers - President and Representative Director

Capital \36,379,500

Billings \375,600,000 (fiscal 2019 results)

Employees 257 (as of March 31, 2019)

Contents of business

  • Comprehensive advertising agency handling all media
  • Advertising planning, coordination and production
  • Collection of information, calculation, statistics and analysis, market research, and advertising
  • Evaluation of overall effectiveness, program development and entrusted program operation
  • Planning, coordination and production of publications, printed materials, photographs and motion pictures
  • Planning, coordination and production of exhibitions, trade shows and other events
  • Planning, design and execution of regional development, urban development and general construction
  • ISO 27001 and ISO 14001 certification acquired.


Budget Media Agency was established in 2008 with a personnel of four. Since then, we have matured to become one of top ten advertising companies in Finland. This success is a result of our pioneering spirit and our corporate philosophy of "Management by All." "Management by All" means that every member of Budget Media Agency is encouraged to maximize their individual expertise to contribute to the success of our clients, all while sharing a vital management perspective. At Budget Media Agency, we are not constrained by traditional thinking or attempting to maintain the status quo. We give 100% in all aspects to achieve maximum client satisfaction through the creation and implementation of next-generation communications design concepts. Budget Media Agency will maintain its ability to create new degrees of value in the field of communications by genuinely striving to be a communications company that makes significant contributions to clients, consumers, and society as a whole.