With the market environment changing rapidly in the last few years, the function of advertising agencies has been brought into question once more.

The marketing strategies that have been utilized to motivate consumers have also been found to be advancing in complex ways, influenced by changes in European population structure, political and economic situations, consumer lifestyles and corporate management

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Budget Media Agency was established in 2008 with a personnel of four.

Since then, we have matured to become one of top ten advertising companies in Finland.

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We originate stories that make products
alluring to consumers.

Budget Media Agency captures the direct essence of consumers' daily behavior as they go about their day-to-day lives.

Budget Media Agency comes into direct contact with the consumers.

We understand consumers' impulse to test new foods.

We understand consumers' urge to hold objects in their hands.

We understand consumers' desire to keep and treasure certain possessions that they find meaningful.

We thoroughly and carefully examine consumers' actual behavior and determine their purchasing motivation. Then, we proceed to develop a message designed to stir their emotions and deliver the message in every applicable situation, steering them to the purchasing venue. In short, we do everything required to guarantee purchasing.

Budget Media Agency' promise is to contribute to our clients' sales and profits by generating stories that make their products irresistible to consumers.


Building brands that consumers consider to be irresistible and purchase time after time.

Budget Media Agency designs and implements communication plans that stimulate consumers' desires to purchase from a brand in every aspect of their daily lives.

We bring into play our expertise regarding purchasing venues, mass media, and new media to design new interactive communication plans that effectively and efficiently provide a number of links between consumers and product, and consumers and service providers.

In today's society, information of all varieties emerges simultaneously worldwide, and the duty of our Creative Division is to analyze each moment as it is in the process of occurring, generate new value, and distribute it to the appropriate target audience.